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Success Stories

Sahar, A new success story ... "I hope Al-Saraya will blossom even more, and will help other children as it helped me"

“I had a strange feeling during my first participation in theater. I felt as of the stage wanted

“Al Saraya is a gate into learning new psychological and intellectual ways which helped on the

“The Center has created in us woman who knows what’s hers and what’s not. a Palestinian

“Al Saraya taught me how to deal with myself and my soul and with others in a sophisticated and

“My experience at Al Saraya provided me with a highly rich experience in field and community work

“The opportunity that I had to be a trainee at Al saraya made me love Jerusalem more”.    

“My experience at Al-Saraya I can say is more than wonderful.  It helped me in developing

“My experience at Al-Saraya is one of the most beautiful experiences in my life. It changed me

“I’ve spent 6 years of my childhood inside the walls of this Centre. I’ve learnt many

“Before joining the program, I didn’t even imagine that I can one day influence the life

“My life in the past was very ordinary! But when I volunteered at the center, I was offered a chance