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The Development and Capacity Building Program

The Development and Capacity Building Program aims at enhancing the skills and capacities of the beneficiaries in order to develop life skills. This goal is implemented through the accumulative work with specific groups on a long-term basis, focusing on the exchange of experience and interactive communication.

Since its establishment, the Centre empowered the Jerusalemite women through several programs that were developed according to the needs of the women. Jerusalemite women suffer from many obstacles such as the lack of opportunities to develop their academic, professional and personal status. To achieve this, the Centre offers a variety of programs; The Empowerment Program, Literacy Program, Vocational Education, besides the short-term courses in the making of accessories and embroidery.

 “The Social and Academic Support Program” was first implemented in 2012. Its main goal is to develop the academic and social skills of children in the age group of (7-11). This program is implemented by volunteers from different Palestinian universities and colleges after receiving all the training needed to interact properly with the children. The volunteers help the children improve their academic and social skills hoping that it will contribute to decrease the percentage of students’ dropout rate.

 “Children’s Literature Program” is another program that targets children within the Centre. It was first implemented in 2004, aiming to encourage reading and enrich the creativity of children. All children targeted in this program lack the access to the services which can help in improving their skills. The program uses literature as an efficient tool not only in developing their skills, but also in communicating with them, in improving their self-esteem and in supporting their different talents such as Dabkah, singing, folktales, drama and art.