The occupation forces stormed the Saraya Center

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A statement of condemnation


The management of Al-Saraya center for community services condemns the Occupation police forces with the help of the security forces and the Israeli intelligence breaking into their HQ in the old city, which occurred yesterday evening on Wednesday 20/10/2021, alleging investigation procedures that do not belong to the institution and relate to a passerby, according to their claim.


During the break-in procedures, and despite strong opposition by those in charge of the center and those present at the time, the intrusive forces insisted on removing the private camera tapes without a legal cover. The people in charge of the institution and the lawyers had asked the forces for any document or legal order that allows them to ask for that, but after an hour or so nothing of the sort was provided, which led to those forces striking all moral and legal norms against the wall and threatening the institution and its people of abusing them in various ways in the future if they do not cooperate and hand over those recordings, when these threats did not result in any response from us, these forces forcibly extracted the recordings!


Not only that, but they also forbade any of the press or the people there from recording, as well as threatening them with confiscating their phones or leading them to investigation. 


There is no doubt that the actions of the forces expresses the usual approach of the occupier and reflects their true face which has long been hidden behind the fragile, false cover of the law that is claimed to be enforced, while in reality, they act in a barbaric manner that does not belong to any law or custom in any way. 


Our center will take legal action concerning all negative repercussions of yesterday's event and will not be silent on those violations, and will do everything that can be done legally and in the media in this regard to expose the occupation and their methods, despite our firm belief that the balance of justice of the occupier is dysfunctional, pointless and useless.


The management of Al-Saraya Center for community services