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The Academic and Social Support Program 

This is a social and educational program that targets school students with poor academic performance aged 6-12, teachers, parents and students from Palestinian universities in an attempt to reduce the drop-out rate from schools and promote the value of volunteering. It aims at involving the university students in the special situation and condition of the Jerusalemite society. It follows preventive methods that would contribute to reduce the effect of the deterioration of education in our schools.

The program works to help students overcome the academic problems and difficulties they face in school and to develop their learning skills by working on three basic school subjects which are Arabic, Mathematics and English throughout the scholastic year. The focus is on these three subjects as they are considered   basic in the learning process for other school subjects.

The Academic and Social Program is implemented by university volunteers after being well prepared and trained before starting implementing the program through training workshops that provide them with necessary skills needed for work with children.